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Iodine Deficiency is Harming Women's Health



Lee Ann McAdoo interviews Doctor Edward Group, who explains how iodine deficiency is harming women's health across the board.

To detoxify your body from radioisotopes, Doctor Edward Group recommends:
- Nascent iodine;
- Bentonite clay
- Epsom salt bath
- Zeolites
- Activated charcoal
- A clean healthy diet, including e.g. spiralina and chlorella

Doctor Edward Group is a medical expert in total body detox, a vital move in the aggressive biochemical environment of today (GMO, ionizing radiation, electromagnetic radiation, processed foods, heavy metals in the environment and in vaccines, etc.) He is working on the benefits of nascent iodine and other vital supplements. His and others' work is particularly relevant in the wake of Fukushima, a global reaching nuclear disaster.
Survival Shield® is the Infowars Life brand of standardized nano-colloidal nascent iodine. It is manufactured with a unique transformative bio-elemental matrix using a revolutionary process to make it gentler on your digestive system than other iodine supplements.
Intended for human and animal use as a daily, dietary supplement, the nascent iodine in Survival Shield® is an important part of sound metabolic, cardiovascular, liver, bone and CNS health. Iodine is the mineral basis of the HPT (Hypothalamus--Pituitary--Thyroid) Axis, and many believe that the HPT Axis is the underlying basis of the HPA (Hypothalamus--Pituitary--Adrenal) Axis. Proper thyroid and endocrine function are absolutely necessary for the body to perform at the peak of health.

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